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How can you obtain a university qualification while also gaining practical skills in the workplace?

SIMONA's dual work/study programme allows you do just that. The company will teach you the technical or commercial skills you need for your chosen career and prepare you to take on greater responsibility. At the same time, your university course will give you an insight into all the relevant subject areas. You can then apply that theoretical knowledge directly in your day-to-day work.

Our dual work/study programme can be linked to the following courses:

  • International Business Administration (IBA) – Bachelor of Science
  • Kunststofftechnik (KT - Plastics Engineering) – Bachelor of Engineering

Our partner for the IBA course is "Hochschule für Wirtschaft und Gesellschaft" at Ludwigshafen. The Plastics Engineering course can be taken at "Hochschule Darmstadt".

More details of the programme and the courses can be found on the universities' respective websites:

Post-apprenticeship opportunities

Hard work brings rewards. Once you complete your apprenticeship at SIMONA you can explore the other opportunities available for career development. The training we offer is specifically tailored to our employees' requirements. For example, you can study for a master craftsman's certificate or an engineering qualification. Alternatively, you can attend specific seminars or study part-time while you are working. Particularly good apprentices can apply for a grant to help cover their training expenses.


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