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Opportunities for students

There are many openings for students at SIMONA. You can gain experience through an internship (e.g. pre-study internship, practical elements of a degree course and voluntary internships) or you can even write your final degree thesis with us. The range of subjects on offer at SIMONA is very wide. Alongside commercial disciplines such as purchasing, sales, marketing and finance, there are more technical openings in areas such as materials, processing and technology for thermoplastic semi-finished parts.

With many degree courses you can combine the practical component with your final thesis. We prefer this arrangement, as it allows students to be thoroughly familiarised and means that information can be exchanged more effectively. Students receive intensive mentoring throughout their time at SIMONA. We will do everything we can to help you produce a successful thesis.

Interested? We look forward to receiving your application.

Opportunities for graduates

We are keen to attract qualified graduates with the potential to take up positions of responsibility. As a general rule, graduates can join one of our departments as soon as they complete their degree. There are opportunities in purchasing, sales, marketing, finance, production planning, applications consulting and process development.

Another path to entry is through our trainee programme. This involves intensive company-related training over 24 months, usually in a technical field. During and after the programme we can arrange temporary placements at one of our international sites. In order to qualify for this trainee programme, you will need an above-average degree result, very good foreign language skills, flexibility, willingness to travel, initiative and determination.