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In a SIMONA® PE Spring Water Shaft the sand in the flow of spring water and any other solids are separated from the spring water by settlement. As a result, the drinking water is subjected to coarse cleaning.

Spring water shafts can also be used for taking samples of water and they help to ensure drinking water quality. Therefore, as part of the production process only materials are used that have been approved for drinking water in compliance with KTW/DVGW.

On request, SIMONA can also make customised versions of shafts at its in-house plastics workshop.
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Benefits at a Glance

  • Spring water remains pure, safe and unpolluted owing to an excellent level of corrosion resistance
  • Lower maintenance costs due to sturdy design and long service life
  • Reduced cost of transport and assembly thanks to lightweight products
  • Unlimited flexibility to cater for specific customer requirements

Product Range

Owing to the diversity of products, SIMONA can take advantage of a very wide range of in-house solutions. This makes it possible for us to meet specific client requirements and thereby provide our customers with the very best in SIMONA quality.