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Ploughing is the quickest method of pipe laying and probably the most economical method of laying new plastic pipes. The method causes virtually no interference with the ground, making it very environmentally friendly.

The soil is displaced statically or dynamically by a plough blade. There are self-propelled ploughs and cable-drawn ploughs.

The pipe train is assembled outside the trench and either drawn into the cavity, which is widened by a displacer, or guided via an installation box to the bottom of the opened slot, where it is then deposited. With this method even parallel insertion of multiple pipelines is possible.

In ploughing, the excavated soilis reused without any treatment. Therefore, it is essential to use pipes with very good protection against point loads. SIMONA® PE 100 RC-Line pipes ensure a long service life on account of their proven high level of stress crack resistance.

Benefits at a Glance

  • Influence on the ground is relatively low
  • Can be used up to soil class 5 / homogeneous area B
  • No groundwater lowering required
  • Most economical method of laying new pipes


SIMONA® PE 100 SPC RC-Line pipes are suitable for the ploughing process.

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