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Our SIMONA® PE 100-Line, SIMONA® PE 100 RC-Line and SIMONA® PE 100 SPC RC-Line drinking water pipes come with SVGW and DVGW approvals, among others. Their special properties provide the necessary safety in different methods of pipelaying.

What material properties and benefits do SIMONA® drinking water pipes offer?


Our reliable piping systems have a service life of 100 years at 20 °C, as required by the relevant standard.

In ecological terms, too, they deliver genuine benefits, as the high-strength and absolutely watertight welded joints prevent water losses.

What distinguishes our coextruded pipes?


SIMONA® multilayer pipes with dimensionally integrated protective and functional layers allow the operator full-scale quality monitoring by means of visual inspection - from the day of manufacture and throughout the pipeline's entire service life.


How to install SIMONA® drinking water pipes?


Owing to their considerable flexibility, the use of plastic pipes in civil engineering is virtually unlimited.

In all fields of application our standard pipe-laying portfolio includes not only conventional open laying butalso trenchless laying methods.