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Seawater desalination plants are increasingly using the principle of reverse osmosis. The seawater is conveyed through a semi-permeable membrane at an elevated pressure greater than the osmotic pressure. This produces permeate, which can later be used as drinking water after disinfection and mineral addition. Brine is also produced and this is directed back into the sea (Sea Outfall).

The thermoplastic pipes and fittings by SIMONA are ideally suited to this thanks to the high air temperature, and solar and UV radiation in the preferred areas for seawater desalination plants, such as in the Middle East and Asia.

SIMONA® PP-H AlphaPlus® pipes and fittings, which are easy to handle, are often used on the permeate side in the distribution racks required for distributing the raw water.

Due to our in-house plastic workshop, we are able to realise individual designs and, for example, to deliver the distribution racks with pre-welded sockets directly to the construction site. We then deliver the component "in one piece", thereby reducing assembly times.

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