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The Tight in Pipe method (TIP method) is an enhancement of the calibre bursting method (pipeline renewal) for the rehabilitation of gravity piping systems with single pipes or pipe runs.

With the TIP method new pipes made of annealed PP with increased molecular weight ("High Modulus", HM) are pushed in or drawn in with preloading. The annealed PP pipes are structurally self-supporting and are manufactured with sewer DN-dependent special dimensions. Owing to the use of nominal diameter-oriented special dimensions, the PP liner is a tight fit in the old conduit ("Tight in Pipe", TIP). The annular gap is not filled.

As a system manufacturer, SIMONA offers pipes and application-specific fittings (shaft connections, internal saddles for drain connections, etc.) depending on construction site/special dimension requirements – solutions tailored to the TIP method.

Rehabilitation range

TIP special dimensions for sewers 
DN 150 - DN 1000


RSV Code of Practice 2.2 – Renovation of wastewater pipes and sewers with prefabricated pipes by the TIP method

Average service life

Technical service life as per GSTT Information 22-1: 80 - 100 years

Other products

  • External saddle DN 150
  • Double sockets
  • Segment-welded bends
  • Branches 45°
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