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Rehabilitation piping systems in the vicinity of railway traffic loads have to be not only highly resistant to breakage but also statically and dynamically load-bearing. This is the only way to ensure long-term performance as well as safe and permanently unrestricted use of the traffic routes.

These requirements with regard to the rehabilitation piping system particularly apply to the rehabilitation of basic pipes within the sphere of influence of railway traffic loads. The special challenges for piping systems in the inner pressure zone of railway traffic loads are taken into account by the certification procedure conforming to the requirements of the Federal Railways Office ('EBA') based on the German Rail Standard (DBS 918.064).

As a thermoplastics manufacturer, SIMONA offers a comprehensive system of pipes, fittings and system shafts with HPQ (Manufacturer-related product qualification of German Rail) and EBA approval – tailored to the requirements of pipe rehabilitation. In addition, based on the quality policies of DBAG and EBA we also offer pipes with special dimensions based on applicable standards and guidelines or special geometry pipes (e.g. ovoid lining pipes), which can be used for pipe rehabilitation of pipelines in the vicinity of tracks by means of approval to be granted in an individual case ('ZiE') or company-internal approval ('UiG').

Rehabilitation range

DN 50 – DN 1200


Renovation of wastewater pipes and sewers with prefabricated pipes with and without annular space, DWA - M 143-13

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