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In all fields of application trenchless pipelaying methods have now become standard. The possibilities of pipe renovation or no-dig renewal are numerous. SIMONA offers a combination of standard or application-specific special pipes and associated system fittings for end-to-end rehabilitation of pipelines – tailored to the various methods currently deployed in this area.

The legal basis for the renovation and renewal of drainage systems outside buildings is provided not only by relevant laws and administrative provisions but also by DIN EN 752 in particular. This standard defines a framework for the planning, construction, rehabilitation and operation of drainage systems. For rehabilitation of pressure pipelines the Code of Practice of DVGW W403 and Worksheets GW 320-325 serve as decision-making aids for the rehabilitation of water pipes.

SIMONA’s PP RM piping system includes wastewater pipes and fittings that are designed not only for trenchless rehabilitation but also for the renewal of pipelines by means of open-cut and closed methods.

SIMONA® PP RM pipe modules with increased material rigidity and comparatively high impact resistance at low temperatures are suitable for all-year rehabilitation of drainage systems.

PP HM "High Modulus" developed by SIMONA is 100% filler-free and is based on the company-developed SIMONA® AlphaPlus® nucleation process. It produces extremely fine morphological structures that are insusceptible to stress cracks. These products do not include recycled plastics or mineral additives.

The PP HM pipe material meets the requirements for heavy-load pipes with a modulus of elasticity > 1700 N/mm2, following DIN EN 1852-1.

The pipe modules are available in the standard dimensions as per DIN EN 1852 and in special dimensions for single pipe and pipe run lining by means of the tight-in-pipe method. The installation of single pipes is performed either via the individual shaft structures by applying the driving method using a hydraulic ram or via launch pits with the aid of cable pull or traction rod systems.

For pipe run lining and pipe bursting with pipe run the pipes are introduced via launch pits.


At a glance:

  • SIMONA PP RM pipes have very low-stress properties on account of annealing
  • Material quality to DIN EN 1852
  • Dimensions based on DIN 8077
  • Lip seal in accordance with DIN EN 681
  • Watertightness evidence conforming to DIN EN 1277



    Integral smooth push-on joint (SV) with integrated dual EPDM wedge seal
    Integral matrix joint (RSV) with traction protection property and dual EPDM wedge seal
    Integral 3-start thread screw joint (GV) with single EPDM wedge seal
    Integral SIMOFUSE® PP RM electrofusion joint
    Smooth pipe ends for heated-tool butt welding

To the methods of pipelaying

TIP method (Tight in Pipe) – pipe lining with annular gap

Close-fit reduction process (Swagelining/DynTec)

Lining of gravity piping systems with annular space

Pipe bursting

Pipe rehabilitation in the vicinity of railway tracks

Ovoid pipe rehabilitation by means of single pipe method