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In what is a unique project worldwide to date, SIMONA is exploiting mine water as a completely new energy source. Thanks to a sophisticated piping system in SIMONA® PP-H AlphaPlus®, groundwater from mines is being transported to the surface.

Factory-insulated SIMONA® PP-H AlphaPlus® Pipes are protected from damage and UV rays by SIMONA® PE 100 Jacket Pipes. The gap between pipe and jacket is packed with PU foam for insulation purposes. This is yet another area of application which highlights the specific benefits of plastic, such as ease of handling and simple and secure welding, ensuring a permanently tight pipe system.

Special properties

  • High strength and rigidity
  • High chemical resistance to corrosive and mineral-containing water
  • High stress crack resistance
  • Suitable for continuous duty at high temperatures of up to +80°C
  • Favourable hydraulic properties and minimal incrustation
  • Permanently tight welded joints with high tensile strength