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As a renewable and versatile supplier of electricity, biogas is helping to meet the current demand for safe and environmentally friendly energy supply and makes practical use of organic waste materials. Against this background, the construction of biogas facilities for energy recovery is increasingly gaining in importance.  

SIMONA® PE 100 Pipes and Fittings are used as components in biogas plants for environmentally compatible energy recovery. For building biogas facilities, PE 100 pipes and fittings offer advantages over steel, not just due to their excellent corrosion resistance but also their high UV stability. The thermoplastic piping components also offer the crucial advantages of impact resistance at low temperatures and high surface quality.

Special properties

  • Notch resistanceLong service life
  • Homogeneously bonded and permanently tight welded joints with high tensile strength
  • No incrustation
  • Excellent hydraulic properties due to low surface roughness
  • High abrasion resistance
  • High corrosion resistance
  • Good chemical resistance
  • Break-resistant due to high flexibility (impact strength certificate to -20°C)
  • High flexibility
  • Good storage properties due to insusceptibility to frost and UV rays

SIMONA® Products for Biogas plants