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In the form of the SIMODUAL² double-containment piping system SIMONA has developed an innovative comprehensive system with integrated fixing points for industrial pipeline construction. The focus is on a standardised product solution to meet maximum safety standards without any elaborate or expensive one-off designs.

To ensure maximum safety, SIMODUAL² piping systems are made up of an inner media pipe and an outer containment pipe. Production uses quality-assured individual components that are subjected to external monitoring.

In addition to PP-H AlphaPlus®, SIMODUAL2 is available in PE 100 and PVDF. Instead of simple spray protection the piping system features a continuous, monitorable and pressure-resistant leak retention compartment. This means the pressure-resistant double-containment piping system SIMODUAL² provides maximum safety - even in the event of an accident.

Special properties

  • Dual pipes for double the protection
  • Minimal risk thanks to continuous leakage monitoring
  • NEW with PVDF: Excellent resistance to aggressive chemicals and high temperatures

Top 5 benefits

  1. Safety x 2: Highest safety standard for the protection of people and nature thanks to the full pressure load capacity of the outer pipe in the event of an accident.
  2. Minimised risk in the event of a leak: Integrated sensors for leak detection permanently monitor the annular space in the double-containment pipe system. Deviations are reported immediately, enabling rapid action and maximum protection of people and nature.
  3. Lower cost of installation: The inner and outer pipes are positioned at fixed anchor points, thus reducing the need for welding work.
  4. Faster installation: Thanks to factory-integrated anchor points, the inner pipe remains in place. This makes handling much easier and helps to speed up installation.
  5. Minimal maintenance costs: The chemically resistant inner pipe ensures a longer service life, which translates into reduced downtime and streamlined maintenance expenses.
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