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SIMONA® Semi-Finished Parts are in strong demand within the advertising and construction industries. The emphasis in these sectors is on compact and foamed PVC sheets. At the same time, sheets made of PETG, foamed PE and PP as well as sheets and pipes engineered from compact PE offer a number of advantages in this line of business.

Tailored to the requirements of the advertising industry, our sheets combine the benefits of an attractive appearance and excellent processing capabilities. As a result, they provide plenty of scope for creativity. They are suitable not only for conventional screen printing but also for state-of-the-art digital printing. What is more, they can be used to create various types of display components.

Boasting exceptional deep-drawing and hot-forming properties, as well as a wide range of other processing methods, they are also acknowledged as a high-quality solution for applications in the construction sector. Thanks to their rigidity and low weight, SIMONA® PE, PP and PVC Foam Sheets are particularly popular in the area of structural engineering, boatbuilding, port construction and exhibition design. Our development and production units are highly flexible in their approach - the perfect basis for customised solutions.