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Worldwide, Norway is considered a role model for sustainable aquaculture. Stringent regulations co-determined by the government and the fishing industry not only ensure the welfare of the fish during breeding but also set benchmarks for environmentally friendly procedures. What is more, the journey made by the fish from their origins to the fishmonger's counter is fully traceable.

The fish are bred, for example, in onshore fish farms, i.e. breeding tanks located on the mainland. Often, these are steel tanks lined with SIMONA thermoplastic sheets. The excellent weldability of SIMONA® PE and PP sheets ensures an absolutely leak-proof lining of the tanks.

The low weight of the plastic sheets reduces transport costs and also simplifies handling on site. The breeding tanks can be connected with SIMONA® pipes and fittings to supply them with water from the sea.

Special properties

  • Low weight
  • Easy handling
  • Excellent processing parameters
  • High chemical resistance
  • Good long-term characteristics

SIMONA® Products for Tank and pool linings