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For some years now, livestock facilities have had to meet emission standards to prevent odour nuisance. These stipulate, for instance, that large livestock facilities, e.g. with 2,000 or more fattening places, need to be equipped with exhaust air cleaning systems to receive approval.

This has resulted in the manufacture of air scrubbers to filter out ammonia, odours and dust. For reasons of stability, SIMONA® PE Twin-Wall Sheets are ideal for the construction of rectangular air scrubbers. The sheets are characterised by high rigidity, low specific weight and good thermal insulation and are easy to process and machine. The twin-wall sheets can be processed with the same methods used for solid sheet material.

Special properties

  • High strength and rigidity
  • High resistance to breakage
  • Rectangular shape without the need for steel reinforcement
  • Low weight compared with solid wall due to hollow design
  • Excellent sound insulation (DIN EN ISO 140-3 certification on request)
  • Low heat transfer coefficients (K-value/U-value) based on ISO 8301, EN 1946-3
  • Wide range of applications
  • Very easy to process
  • Excellent chemical resistance

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